Great tasting, locally sourced barbecue!

People are at their best when they realize how connected we all are to each other. And that is what barbecue does.

At Egghead's, we craft great barbecue from local meat, produce, and wood, sharing it through our mobile kitchen, catering, and private chef services.

Planning a rustic wedding? Let Egghead's put out a spread of roasted whole hog and smoked mac & cheese!

Hosting the family reunion? We'll smoke and sauce you up some spareribs, grilled corn, and velvety smooth potato salad!

Throwing a work picnic for your nursing or teaching or anything pals? Then some smoked chicken, pan-fried cornbread, and roasted apples and honey might just make you employee of the year!

Check out the Menu for descriptions and prices of all our Yummy Items!

What is Egghead's?

Egghead's is the very naughty love-child of a Big Green Egg (that's a kamado style smoker and grill) and a food-loving physicist (that's me, the griller in the mist). You see, the Big Green Egg is mostly egg-shaped, and as a physicist you get called "egghead" from time to time... and so... well, geez, I had to name it something!

Food is about more than just fueling our bodies. It's a bond, an experience, a thing to share with our friends and families. From our very beginnings, back in the Paleolithic, humans have been sharing meals together. Every special occasion and major holiday is celebrated with a feast or meal of some sort! And this food, this harvest, comes from our friends and neighbors who run great farms. They've put their all into nurturing it, growing it, bringing it to us... and I do my best to honor everything they have done. I take their care and hard work, and I move the story forward over wood, fire, and smoke, transforming each bite into a morsel that conveys every step of journey.

So, let's get together for some food! In addition to larger events like reunions and weddings, Egghead's also goes mobile from time to time, parking around the Skowhegan and Waterville areas to serve up scrumptious little lunches! We will post information about these lunch dates (and other bits of useful data) on our News & Locations page, or you can just follow our Twitter feed to get instant updates!

Egghead's is off for the Winter! We'll be back at it come Spring/Summer, 2017.

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